What we do



The intention of a survey is to let you know what you are going to buy or sell. We are specialized in detailed surveys of ships and yachts. The condition of the ship is made clear with the help of a checklist. Construction, techniques, safety and state of maintenance are carefully inspected. Your presence during the survey is appreciated so we can explain and clarify our findings during and after the survey. The time span of a survey depends on the ship, but our expert is never in a hurry and won't rush things. A few days after the survey you will receive a complete and detailed survey report of the findings.

The report includes the following chapters:

- Hull below the waterline
- Hull above the waterline
- Deck, superstructure and cockpit
- Sailing gear
- Interior
- Technical installation
- Liquefied gas installation
- Electrical installation
- Equipment
- Mechanical propulsion installation and sea trial
- Safety and lifesaving appliances

It is also possible to have a limited survey of one or more of the points above.


When you decide to insure or finance your ship, banks and insurance company's often ask for a valuation report. The purpose of the valuation is to establish the value of an object. The quality of the object is only going to be visual assessed.

Coers surveyors have got years of experience with valuation surveys on board of all kinds of ships and barges.

Building guidance

The knowledge of the surveyors is often being questioned for guidance during building a ship or for a renovation on or aboard a ship. If requested we carry out quality controls and advice during the building of a ship. With your authorization we can carry out financial oversight with the building construction. Within this position of trust we provide, when requested, business advice.

Experts reporting

With lawsuits and differences, both parties can ask Coers Surveyors for help to make a so called experts report.